Speed & Strength Development

Our goal is to provide athletes with the fundamental skills and awareness they need to maximize their effectiveness on the field while reducing the risk of injury through proper training.

David Tortora is the speed and agility trainer and owner at High Intensity Speed School and High Intensity Personal Training. With more than three decades of experience in the field, David specializes in speed and strength training for athletes of all ages and abilities. From little league teams to Division 1 college athletes, David has trained over 1,000 athletes in a variety of sports including baseball, hockey, football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer. These players have experienced great gains on the field, court and in the rink, by utilizing David’s specialized speed and strength programs.

“The athlete who spends time honing their skills in the off season reaps the benefits in season.

Please call Dave Tortora at 203-996-1218 for scheduling information.