Start to Finish JoomSport Explanation

Below is a summary of each function in JoomSport that you will use. For directions on how to do each, click the (?) next to each item. A new window will popout with complete instructions.

Enter a Tournament or League
Tournaments and Leagues can be entered in the backend by an administrator. Everything with this.

Create Divisions/Groups for your Tournaments or Leagues (?)
Divisions are optional but it is used to break appart your Tournaments and Leagues while displaying the standings.

Create Teams (?)
Create Teams and the assign them to Divisions, Tournaments or Leagues

Enter Games (?)
Entering Game days builds the JoomSport Schedule. You can enter games in advance or you can enter past games to reflect Wins/Losses in the standings.

Enter Players (Optional)
You can use this in the future if you wish. By Entering Players, you build a real-time roster and can additionally track player stats.