Cyber Sport

“Where humans and machines become one in the ultimate team sport”!

Only $7.50 per round (one round is (3) eight-minute games) per person

What Is Cyber Sport?
Cyber Sport is a combination of lacrosse, basketball and hockey played with two teams driving custom cars on a 40 feet x 60 feet court. Up to 10 players can play at a time (5 on 5).

Each player is equipped with a one‐handed scoop which is used to pick-up, pass, and shoot the ball during a Cyber Sport session. Each session of Cyber Sport consists of three, eight‐minute games. Before each game begins, each team must start on their half of the court.

The Ride Operator starts the first game by throwing the ball out onto the center line and into the throw‐in circle. At the end of each game, both teams will return to their side of the court and the losing team will start with the ball (unless the last game resulted in a tie, which would result in another throw‐in by the Ride Operator). Goals are mounted at each end of the court and each goal has three or more openings. Points are awarded to the team who can get the ball through one of the openings of their opponent’s goal. Once a goal is scored, the team ‐ that did not score ‐ immediately takes possession of the ball.

The team who wins two or more games of the session is the winner.

Cyber Sport is available for birthday parties, field trips, and corporate events.
Give us a call at 203-484-4383 to book your event or for more information.

**Must be at least 7 years-old and at least 48” tall to play Cyber Sport

“Cyber Sport is sure to take the country by storm. It is accessible to just about anyone, and an absolute blast to play.
I couldn’t think of a better activity for a corporate event...”
- Brad Robinson, President, Richmond Ice Zone/Skate Nation Plus, Richmond, VA

“It never gets old. It’s one of the best attractions I’ve played in a long time.”
-Petro Pellumbi, Manager, Space Center, Hooksett, NH

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