Private Instruction

Our private instruction and semi-private instruction allow for a more focused and detailed instructional session that will accelerate and refine skill development. Players will gain a detailed understanding of proper mechanics, how to execute proper mechanics, and how vital proper mechanics are to their success as a baseball player at all levels. Players will also be taught the correct approach and proper preparation necessary to achieve consistent success at any level.

We know that you have many choices as to where your child receives his baseball instruction. We also know that it is very difficult to judge the true quality of a baseball program’s instruction based on stated claims, lists of “qualifications,” and guarantees placed within their marketing materials. Below we highlight just a few of the reasons we believe we are different and why the Connecticut Sportsplex School of Baseball is the best place for your child to improve his baseball skills:

We believe the ability to effectively communicate proper fundamental concepts and then teaching the client to apply what they have learned is far more important than the level of playing experience an instructor has attained.

We are committed to improving the skill level of our clients regardless of their perceived natural   ability, current age, or playing level.

believe that a positive atmosphere is the best learning environment. We will always create and foster a positive atmosphere and a positive individual experience.

We are confident that the Connecticut Sportsplex School of Baseball will make a significant difference in your child’s baseball development and ultimately the quality of his overall baseball experience.

Please feel free to request references or ask any questions. Give us a call at 203-484-4383 if you desire further information. We look forward to working with all the players in your family.

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