Welcome to Connecticut Sportsplex Baseball Department. To view and register for tournaments please click on the tournaments tab located at the top of this page. Please contact Colin at 203-484-4383 with any questions.

2022 Spring/Summer Baseball Tournaments Tournaments are posted and open for registration. For program discounts and single team discounts, please inquire with Colin Gallogly at 203-484-4383. We offer 19 Weekend Tournaments and boast a total of 8 Fields onsite. Select tournaments may use off site fields. 5 full size turf infields and grass outfields are located on the main grounds, while 3 full turf fields (10u-12) are built onto full size soccer fields (Dugouts, parking, and concessions are available on these fields).

Connecticut Sportsplex Facility Rules & Policies

Thank you for your teams entry in our upcomming event at the Connecticut Sportsplex.

Our park policies have been designed in the best interest of the ahtletes, spectators and the preservation of our outstanding sports facility. Please respect our polices as they are listed below.


Umpires can eject any player with metal cleats including outfielders There will be no exceptions!


NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the park at any time. We have a wide variety of food and beverages for sale at reasonable prices. In addition the following is not allowed at anytime:



                           *Cans & Bottles

                           *Food & Drinks

                           * Skateboards or Rollerblades


No pre-game infield is allowed

WEATHER LINE = 203-484-4383 Choose #9 for weather updates.

            ADMISSION is $5.00 per adult. Seniors and children under the age of 11 are $2.00. All uniformed players will be admitted free of charge as well as three (3) coaches per team.

            It is ILLEGAL to consume alcoholic beverages in the parking lot.

Each person entering the park does so at his or her own risk. Foul balls will occur. Spectators are urged to always pay attention. Again, we ask that you please respect our policies as failure to do so is grounds for ejection from the park. I have read and acknowledge, the facility rules policies and the tournament baseball rules, and have communicated to players and the parents.

Coaches: Please make sure you and your program are aware of all rules and any rule changes. The Connecticut Sportsplex may change or make amendments to any of the rules. We follow Major League National league rules with some exceptions.

Age Requirements: A player's age is determined by using the following date: May 1, of the current year.  ALL FALL TOURNAMENTS MUST PLAY OF MAY 1ST THE FOLLOWING YEAR

Roster Restrictions: A roster can have up to 25 players on any roster. Rosters must be submitted either online or handed into the tournament office prior to the start of your teams first game. Players may play on more than 1 roster per division, SUBJECT TO TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR APPROVAL. PLAYERS ARE FREE TO PLAY ON MORE THAN ONE ROSTER PER TOURNAMENT ASSUMING THEY ARE AGE APPRORIATE (IE, A PLAYER WHO IS 12, CAN PLAY ON A 12U ROSTER AND 13U ROSTER).

Insurance: Connecticut Sportsplex LLC, 216 Foxon Road North Branford CT 06471 MUST be named as an additional insured and e-mailed with roster and/or handed into the tournament office .

Protest Fee: Teams must pay $100 protest fee prior to the next pitch being thrown. The protests can only be on rulings. Umpire judgements are not subject to protests. If you win the protest, you get the $100 back.

Game Time: The official start time is to be recorded on the official scorecard by the umpire at the end of the ground rules. Teams are asked to be prepared to start early pending field openings .

Home Team: The home team is determined by a coin flip at ground rules for pool play games. The better seed has the option of home/away team in the bracket play.

Bat Rules: 9u -12u must have USA baseball stamp / or the BPF 1.15 stamp on it or -3 Bats must be BBCOR.

                   13u Division - Bat must have the BBCOR Stamp (If it is a -3), or the USSSA BPF 1.15 stamp or be USA Baseball Stamp (Bats can ONLY BE -3/5/8)

                  14u Division and Older - Bats must be 1 Piece Wood Bats Only. NO BAUM BATS, 2 PIECE COMPOSITE WOOD, OR HYBRID BAMBOO WOODS

Time Limits: The time limits for a 6-inning game is 1 hour 45 minutes. The time limit for 7 inning games is 1 hour 50 minutes. The time limit will carry on all the way until the championship. There is no time limit in the championship game. If the home team is batting and winning the game when the time limit hits, the game will be considered complete.

Run Rules: 6 inning Game - 15 after 3, 8 after 4

        7 inning Game - 15 after 3, 12 after 4, 8 after 5

Tie Breakers: ALL pool play games end in a tie regardless of if there is time on the clock.

                        Bracket Play Games: The California tie breaker takes effect in bracket games. Each team puts the last batted out on second base with NO outs. If the game is tied at the completion of the game (6 or 7 inning game) and there is STILL time on the clock the game will go straight to California tie breaker. If the game reaches time limit and there is a tie, the game will go straight to california tie breaker. Championship games will play out straight baseball.


Pitcher must get pulled on 2nd trip in inning. The pitcher may not re enter into the pitching position during the game once pulled.


Balk Rules: In the 10u division balks are not called, however, clear and obvious balks will be returned to the count and situation prior to and will be used as a "learning". The 11u and 12u, pitchers will receive 1 warning per game. After that, balks will be called.  13u and older will not receive any warnings. st to 3rd is called a balk. The Balk will record as an automatic dead ball. 

Playing Field: 9u - 46'65' closed bases

                         10u - 46'70' leading and stealing

                         11u-12u 50'70' leading and stealing

                         13u-18u  60'90' Leading and Stealing

Baseballs: All baseballs will be supplied for tournaments. We ask that teams chase foul balls as well as throw balls back into the right field of play if a ball enters another field.

Pregame Warm Ups: No full infield can be done before the game. Ground balls up the line can be used as well as hitting fly balls into the outfield. Teams may utilize the batting cages outside. We ask that teams respect all other teams utilizing the cages outside.

Weather Delays & Procedures: The CT Sportsplex will make every effort to play all games as scheduled. In the event of weather, the tournament director will have final decision on format and what is considered a complete game. The tournament format may be changed if necessary to complete the tournament.

Line Up: Teams may bat 9 batters (All 9 defensive position players), 9 Batters with a DH, 10 Batters using an EH, 10 Batters using a DH and EH, or your entire roster. If you have 14 players on your bench and you choose your entire roster, it MUST be all 14 players. The starters may be subbed back into the game 1 time. Subs that come into the game off the bench are done once removed from the game. EH players can freely substitute into the field as needed.

                 You may start a game with 8 players. The 9 th position gets recorded as an out. If an injury occurs you will forfeit the game. If you receive a 9 th player, that player can get put into the lineup without penalty at whatever point he/she shows up to the field.

Courtesy Runners: Courtesy runners may be used at any time for pitcher and catcher. They can only be used 1 time per inning for both the pitcher and catch. If you have players on the bench it must be a bench player. If no players on the bench, it must be the last BATTED out.

Tie Breakers in Standings:1) A teams overall record

  2) Head To Head If 2 or more teams are tied and not everyone played   against everyone, the tie breaker will automatically go to #3

                                                  3) Runs Allowed

                                                  4) Runs Scored

                                                  5) Run Differential between common opponents

                                                  5) Coin Toss

CT Sportsplex Baseball Tournament Refund Policies:

If your team is registered and paid in FULL and pulls out of tournament with 1 (one) months notice: Full Refund in the form of check

If your team is registered and paid in FULL and pulls out of tournament with less then 1 (One) Months Notice but also before the schedule is released: Full Refund in form of CREDIT to future event

If your team is registered and paid in FULL and pulls out of the tournament after the schedule is released: NO REFUND

For weather related policies:

FULL RAINOUT - 100% credit into future event

If one game is played: 50% credit into future event

If 2 or more games played: NO REFUND or Credit


Partner Hotels

The Connecticut Sportsplex has partnered with area hotels to provide a simple, easy lodging experience where our teams can enjoy low rates, variety of room styles, and personal interaction with staff. If your program and/or team is coming from 100 miles away or farther, you will need to report what hotel your team is staying in. Please research and call the hotel of your liking for more information regarding rates, room type, total number of rooms, etc.

2024 Hotel Contacts

Home2Suites by Hilton - East Haven ** New Hotel taking reservations in June**

Hampton Inn & Suites - West Haven

Courtyard by Marriott - Orange

Homewood Suites – Orange

  • Contact: Jacqueline Coope
  • Phone: 203-553-9148 ext. 153
  • Email:
  • Website: Homewood Suites - Orange

Trumbull Marriott - Trumbull

Hilton Garden Inn - Milford

Hampton Inn - Milford

  • Contact: Crystal Spinaci
  • Phone: 203-874-4400 ext. 200
  • Email:
  • Website: Hampton Inn - Milford

Cambria Hotel New Haven - New Haven

  • Contact: Tangier Pritchett
  • Phone: 203-397-6643
  • Email:
  • Website: Cambria New Haven