Welcome to the CT Sportsplex Softball site. Leagues information is posted in the leagues tab of this page. Spring, Summer, and Fall Leagues are available. All leagues are ASA / USA Softball certified. Tournaments are run separately and are run thought Connecticut USA Softball and Connecticut USSSA slow pitch softball. Information for those tournaments can be found on their websites. Please e-mail Colin at for questions.

2023 CSP Softball League Rules

No Vulgar Language will be tolerated.

  • Three Strike Rule in effect for vulgar language.
  • Strike One: Warning is given AFTER first occurrence
  • Strike Two: Batter is out. If swearing occurs while team is on the field- The Next player hitting for that team is out in the next half inning
  • Strike Three – Player is ejected from game and finished for THAT NIGHT. Our normal ejection policy of sitting thru that following week does not occur with vulgar language ejections.

*Please understand that this rule is applied based on occurrences per team, not per player. *

Complex Rules:


No Metal Spikes!

  • Violators of above rules COULD be automatically ejected from park with no exceptions (spectators included)
  • It is against Connecticut State Law to Consume Alcoholic Beverages in the Parking Lot
  • If any team member is caught consuming an alcoholic beverage in the parking lot or dugout his team may be subject to $50 fine and/or ejection from league.
  • Any player caught with any alcoholic beverage not purchased at the Connecticut Sportsplex may be subject to ejection from park and banned from league.
  • No batting balls into fences at any time
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed in dugouts or on playing fields at any time.

Rules of Play:

Rules of play will adhere to the ASA/USA rule book with exception of the following:

  • Start Count: 1 ball, 1 strike, 3RD Strike foul is an out.
  • All pitched balls must have an arc of 6’ to 10’ or it will be ruled a ball.
  • Umpires will call out illegal pitches.
  • Mats will be used for all “E”, “Rec”, and “Coed” – If a pitch hits the mat and/or the plate and it is within the legal arc height then the pitch will be ruled a strike. NO MATS WILL BE USED IN THE D COMP LEAGUE

Time Limits:

  • E/Rec/Coed Leagues – 1 Hour 05 minutes from start of game. No new inning can start after 60 minutes. Umpires will request HUSTLE when time limit approaches
  • D League – 1 hour 15 minutes from start of game. No new inning may begin after 1 hour 05 minutes. Umpires will request HUSTLE as time limit approaches.
  • EXTRA INNINGS: IF THE GAME IS TIED WHEN TIME LIMIT REACHES, 1 EXTRA INNING WILL BE PLAYED. Game will be Win/Lose/Tie. The last batted out starts at second base and no courtesy runner can be used until the base runner reaches 3rd

Run Rules

  • 20 Runs after 3
  • 15 Runs after 4
  • 10 Runs after 5
    • Flip Flop Rules will be enforced with run rules approach.

Each team can use 1 COURTESY RUNNER PER INNING (Anyone on the roster) Female must run for Female, Male Must run for male.

Each team can DESIGNATE 1 INJURY RUNNER PER GAME. THIS MUST BE DECLARED AT GROUND RULES. For instance, Joe is designated as the injury runner for Don. Every time Don gets on base, Joe is the runner for him. If Joe is on base, and he is supposed to be batting, Joe’s spot becomes an out.

Unintentional entry into outfield dead ball area is a one base award. If intentional as judged by umpire, it will be a two-base award.

All equipment must be kept in the dugout.

All players must remain in the dugout (One man up, one man on deck only)

Umpires are responsible for turning in scorecards from each game. Team captains are asked to verify score at the end of game.

Teams playing are responsible for providing balls/retrieving foul balls.

Any discussion with an umpire must be through the team captain/designated player only. Any non-designated player discussing rulings will be subjected to immediate ejection

Any ejection MAY result in a 1-week suspension from the LEAGUE. If you get thrown out of a game, you will be out for the remainder of that night’s game(s) as well as the following weeks game(s) as well as any other night in between the 1-week suspension.

Home Runs:

  • D League
    • Allowed 4 homeruns per game. Any other homerun will result in an out.
  • Tuesday Night E/Rec Leagues
    • Allowed 3 homeruns per game in upper rec league.
    • Allowed 2 home runs in middle league rec leagues.
    • Allowed 1 Home Run in lower rec league
      • All other home runs result in automatic outs
    • Thursday Night Rec: 2 Home Runs per Game
    • Coed: Total of 1 homerun per gender per game. Any homerun will result in an out.


  • 2000 and up USA bat restrictions will be enforced along with the following:
  • “E”, and “Rec”: No Composite Bats or PST’s Allowed
  • Coed: No composite bats allowed for male hitters – Females may swing composite bats

Please keep all children out of the dugout area
Dangerous bats will be removed from the game at any time (Umpire's judgment)
NO metal spikes allowed
Throwing a bat is an immediate ejection



Each team supplies one ball. CSP will provide each team a supply of balls at first game

Umpire Fee is $36 per team for all E, E Plus, Rec, And Coed League Games (2-man system for every game – In the event of 1 umpire, the fee will be $28 per team).

Rain out number is 484-4383 ext. 9 after 4:00 P.M. (Please do not call before 4:00 p.m.)

I understand that as team manager I am responsible for my team’s conduct and compliance with all Connecticut Sportsplex rules and policies both posted and stated above.

I also understand that I am responsible for communicating these rules and policies to my team and that ignorance of these rules does not excuse non-compliance.