Flag Football Leagues

Thank you for visiting the Flag Football page. Adult leagues will begin in November. Information is posted in the leagues tab on this page. For immediate assistance, please contact Colin at 203-484-4383 or e-mail

CT Sportsplex Official Adult Flag Football Rules

*****NO warm ups allowed on field while games are going on or before game. This will be your only warning. It is the coaches/captainâ??s responsibility to know this rule. Players caught doing so, will not be allowed to play the game they are warming up for. *****

Starting and Ending A Game

- The style of play is 7v7

- Game times begin at 7pm. There are no grace period for late teams. Please be prepared to play

- Flag belts will be provided by the league. Knotting the belt or tucking in the belt will be kicked out of the game and face possible suspension.

- NFL and NCAA sized footballs are allowed. All other balls will not be allowed

- If your team is not able to field a team, players can be added to the roster from other teams. In the playoffs, participants MUST be on ONE (1) team per division

- Forfeits will NOT be tolerated. Teams that do not show are subject to removal from the league and $50 referee fee for the game forfeited. Teams will be asked for a double header if necessary. Teams that play a double header due to forfeit can take whichever game they deem better for standings purposes.

- You may play with 6 players. If using 6 players you MUST STILL HAVE 3 Lineman. If you have a player get ejected or hurt the game results in forfeit victory at the moment

- Teams will play (2) 22 Minute halves. There is a 2-minute warning at the second half. Each team gets 2 times (30 seconds) per half. There is no halftime. The ball gets played on the appropriate side of the field and the second half begins.

- We ask that kids and spectators be behind the netting off the field. Players and spectators are asked to be aware of the situations on other fields as plays may be coming at them.

- Roster forms must be filled out prior to your teams first game. We will have roster/waiver forms on hand at all times for players to be added to rosters.

- We ask that teams have matching uniforms (shirts) and suggest that 2 colors be chosen.



- Game Starts on the 5 yard line â?? You have 4 downs to cross mid field and another 4 downs after crossing mid field

- On 4th Down, you can either go for it or â??PUNTâ?? â?? Punting will result in the ball being placed on the opposite side of the field 5 yard line

- 3 man offensive lines with right or left guard eligible. Eligible player MUST wear belt. Center and ineligible guard cannot wear belts

- Live Blocking on the LINE ONLY! When blocking think â??screen in basketballâ??

- No stiff arms â?? Ball Carrier CANNOT lower should or head/charge through the defender â?? You must try to avoid defender

- Players canâ??t dive to advance ball. You can jump but must land on your feet

- 1 Foot must be inbounding at the time of catch for complete pass

- Defensive line must rush a minimum of 2 players and the defensive men can not be any further then the outside should of the offensive line

- Fumbles result in a dead ball


- The center must snap the ball through his legs

- Ball carrier must have hid belt on. If the belt falls off during play, it will be a 1 hand touch. If the player falls to the ground with his flags on, it is a one hand touch while still on the ground.

- A defensive player canâ??t hold or grasp the pants/jersey of the player with ball in attempt to pull a flag

- No flag guarding â?? Hands over belt, tucked in belt, or any such guarding

- When a passer is throwing the football, if his arm is in motion and the flag gets pulled the pass is legal

Game Play

- A 25 second Clock will start when referee sets the ball

- Clock stops under the 2 minute warning

- Clock does not stop when penalty occurs â?? The clock starts once the ball is set after penalty

- Any penalty inside 2 minute warning results in loss of down and 5 yard loss

- Extra point is 5 yards for 1 point â?? 10 yards for 2 points. You only have 1 answer for extra point try

- Extra point turnover can not be advanced



- In the event of an inadvertent whistle, the ball is dead where the ball is when the whistle is blown

- Illegal Procedure â?? 5 yards, repeat down, dead ball no play

- Off sides â?? 5 yards â?? Repeat down

- Contact Offense â?? 10 yards loss of down

- Contact Defense â?? 5 years, point of foul or basic spot, automatic first down

- Flag Guarding â?? Stiff arms, diving, lowering should â?? 5 yards, loss of down

- Unsportsmanlike Conduct â?? 10 yards, if the same player gets called 2 times, it will result in sideline for the rest of game

- Offensive Holding â?? 5 yards, repeat down

- Defense Holding â?? 5 yard automatic first down

- Downfield Block â?? 5 yards

- Penalty on 5 yard line of less â?? Half the distance to the goal

- Delay of Game â?? 5 yards, loss of down

- Downfield Pass over LOS â?? 5 yards and loss of downs

- Fighting â?? Will result in ejection / Possible suspension / Possible forfeiture of league no refund

o It is the captainâ??s team â?? He will be responsible for the actions of the team â?? Captains can be the only person to answer penalties to the referee. Should a fight develop the coach/captain is responsible for the following: Securing sidelines, supply the names to the ref involved, calm team down

o Fights will result in $50 fine which must be paid before the team is eligible to play again

***** Referee Time Outs **** - The referee has the ability to sideline a player to the timeout zone â?? A player is in the timeout zone to cool off and not get suspended. We (referees) try to treat adults as adults, however, when needed to be treated like a child â?? You will end up in timeout â?? The timeout zone is the step before being thrown out â?? Arguments about the timeout zone WILL result in ejection and possible suspension.